Quality policy

The ACC management’s main goal and intention are to ensure that products offered to customers are safe, effective, and meet their requirements. Also, we make sure that they are made in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.

The main rule at ACC Chemicals is to satisfy the needs and demands of customers. We achieve it through the continuous improvement of the quality of both offered services and business contacts between the company and partners. Thanks to our employees’ commitment, the company devotes all its efforts to providing constant, high-quality services, with a particular emphasis on their safety and effectiveness. We strive to ensure that clients associate our trademark with trust and professionalism as well as reliable and professional service.

To meet the legal requirements, the Quality Management System was developed and implemented. It is continuously improved according to ISO 13485:2016.

The Quality Policy is disseminated and known to all employees. It is also subject to constant review and amendments depending on the needs. The main goal of ACC Chemicals is to ensure product safety, meet customer needs, as well as maintain and strengthen its position on the market.

The Management Board of ACC Chemicals declares that they will fully implement the Quality Policy and continuously improve the Quality Management System.