Contract manufacturing of cosmetics

Produkcja kontraktowa kosmetyków w firmie ACC Consulting
Komu proponujemy kontraktową produkcje kosmetyków

If you are running a pilot project, verifying your audience, brand or distribution channels – we have a unique proposition for you! With the micro-branding service, you will produce a product under attractive conditions and in a small quantity. Especially one that larger production operators will not want to undertake.

What is contract manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing is a unique type of contract, ideal for smaller businesses – but not exclusively. This type of service involves contracting an external company to produce a branded cosmetic. The client-contractor, however, provides the manufacturer with the product formula that it has developed. He thus has full rights to the formula of the cosmetic that is produced.

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics thus enables entrepreneurs to solve the problem of costly expansion of technological facilities. What is more, contract manufacturing makes it possible to quickly enter the market for cosmetics that meet all requirements.

Jak wygląda produkcja kontraktowa kosmetyków?
Stworzenie własnej linii kosmetyków

Creating your own cosmetics brand

Producing your own cosmetics has never been easier! Commissioning the production of your own line is the ideal way to enter the market in no time and at a relatively low cost. It is also important to remember that the cosmetics introduced are tested and comply with all standards.

The fact that you no longer have to commit your own time is also extremely valuable! Once you have supplied the cosmetic formula, the entire production process will be handled by us.

Steps in the contract manufacturing of cosmetics

Once the contract is signed, we will purchase the materials required to produce the commissioned cosmetics. As a manufacturer, we are able to source ingredients at wholesale prices, which can significantly reduce the final costs you will incur.

The next stage will be the production of the cosmetic according to the commissioned formula. This stage is all about mutual, two-way cooperation.

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