of medical devices

Produkcja wyrobów medycznych własnej marki
Koncept i formulacje wyrobów medycznych

Product concept

We offer to create the designs of medical devices with you or consult the ones that already exist. Medical devices require specific knowledge before being placed on the market. At ACC, we have the expertise to deal with class I, II a, and II b products.



We provide obligatory and additional laboratory tests. We also support you when working with an entity notified about products above class I. We never omit a single aspect needed to introduce a product on the market.

Badania wyrobów medycznych przed wprowadzeniem na rynek
Przygotowanie dokumentów do wprowadzenia na rynek wyrobów medycznych



We prepare the product labeling content and instructions on how to use it. We are in charge of the correctness and completeness of documentation needed to introduce a product on the market. We submit the product to URPL. Additionally, we take care of every detail to ensure your business security.



We will support you in producing any quantity of the best quality products. Experienced factories in each region of Poland will manufacture a product that will surely meet your expectations.

Produkcja wyrobów medycznych własnej marki