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Assessment Consulting Chemicals
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The whole range

We operate in cosmetics, chemical, medical and supplement industries. Our offer covers design, research, documentation and production of products. We provide comprehensive services and offer assistance when needed.

Offer The Process
Whole range of products
  • Cosmetics
  • Supplements
  • Medical devices
  • Chemistry
  • Biocidals
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From A to Z
  • Formulation and product concept
  • Research
  • Opinions and documentation
  • Production
To the whole offer

Interdisciplinary competences

Cosmetics, dietary supplements, novel food, medical devices, household chemicals, and biocidal products – these markets’ legal, technological, and business boundaries are constantly shifting. Project teams at ACC have the qualifications, knowledge, experience, and skills you need in all these areas.

Valuable expertise

Hard knowledge in various fields and experience collected over the years, play a significant role in implementing new products or scaling the existing ones. Working with us, you gain partner experienced in introducing a wide range of products on the Polish and European Union markets.

Ongoing process

The product goes a long way before it hits the market. At ACC, you are provided with comprehensive support and assistance – from creating a concept and formula of the product, doing research, issuing opinions, dealing with documentation, administrative and legal aspects, to the final stage of the production.

Contact us Within ACC, we cultivate teamness. Individual tasks are solved from the entire process perspective. Business is a friendly relation aimed to bring profits to both sides.
All of this is based on our core value – completeness.

The completeness of ACC is a guarantee of quality for your product. It ensures order and secures. It is a proof that you're in the right place.


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