Implementations of cosmetic products

Produkcja Kontraktowa Kosmetyków w Firmie ACC
Wdrożenia produktów kosmetycznych i ich formulacje


In co-creating products from scratch, we provide knowledge of the market, chemistry, and law. We also work with ready-made products, the composition of which is analyzed and verified from a technological perspective. We are distinguished by exclusive formulation, ensuring that your product will not appear under a different brand.



We carry out a complete set of tests, both required by the law and optional ones. Among others, we perform microbiological, maintenance, stability, application, and dermatological tests. We also verify the compatibility of the mass with the packaging. Research lies at the heart of the cosmetics production process, and the additional verification of its results is a unique value provided by ACC.

Wdrożenia produktów kosmetycznych i ich badania
Wdrożenia produktów kosmetycznych i ich dokumentacja



We carry out safety assessments confirmed by our Safety Assessors. We analyze, complete, and prepare the documentation necessary for the project. We register products in CPNP. To introduce a product to the market, you must meet several requirements. Our experience allows you to go through the formal stage effortlessly and without encountering business or legal difficulties.



We physically manufacture your product. We work with the largest factories in Poland, whose products’ quality is confirmed by the market and our experience. At ACC, we ensure that your cooperation with the suitable entity goes smoothly and profitably.

Wdrożenia produktów kosmetycznych i ich produkcja