Cosmetics Manufacturing

Produkcja kontraktowa kosmetyków w firmie ACC Consulting

Are you looking for an external company to develop and produce cosmetics under your brand name? Especially for people like you we have prepared an offer of cooperation! We will help you develop your brand at every stage – from cosmetic formulation to distribution. Check below what we do specifically!

Cosmetics production – is it worth it?

Many industries are now moving away from offering the same products en masse to the general public. An individual approach to the customer has become important. This is even more true in the cosmetics industry. Everyone has different needs and is looking for a brand that will meet their individual needs. Our Acc company offers contract manufacturing of cosmetics even in small quantities, so you can customize a given cosmetic at an attractive price for a specific recipient.

Many people come to the conclusion that in order to properly take care of their bodies they would have to create their own cosmetic formula. We then grasp at home remedies for hair, skin or nail problems. This is neither the best nor the cheapest way to deal with problems. The ideal solution is to produce cosmetics on demand aimed at even a small group of customers. The ordering party does not need to have a technological background, but only an idea for a cosmetic. That’s all to create your own brand of cosmetics.

There is a huge demand not to produce cosmetics on demand, as more and more people want to take care of their bodies in a more natural and customized way.

Do the cosmetics commissioned for production meet all requirements?

Yes! All cosmetics, before we start their production, are fully tested. This means that they meet both Polish and European standards, as well as the requirements that you yourself specified during the consultation! Thus, contract manufacturing of cosmetics allows you to smoothly enter the cosmetics market with all standards met.

Jakie badania należy wykonać przed produkcją kosmetyków?
Jakie są etapy produkcji kosmetyków?

Stages of cosmetics production

Once the contract is signed, we will purchase the materials necessary for the production of cosmetics. As a manufacturer, we are able to source ingredients at wholesale prices, which can significantly reduce the final costs you will incur.

The next stage will be the production of the cosmetic according to the contracted recipe. This stage is primarily a mutual, two-way cooperation.

Do you want to produce cosmetics?

Enter the market with new cosmetics of your own brand! Don’t incur huge costs for machinery, know-how and personnel. Our offer is just for you – fill out the form and start conquering the market!

How to launch your own cosmetics line? 

Nowadays, content presented by bloggers and influencers is supplemented by their own lines of clothing and cosmetics. Many of them are specialists in their field, but need help to professionally create their own cosmetics. With help comes Acc, which will perfectly meet their needs. Acc’s offer includes outsourcing the entire process from formulation to production, and the ordering party has full rights to the cosmetic formula.

Based on your idea, we will prepare the ingredients and formula of the cosmetic in question. Your product will be tested by us, so we guarantee compliance with Polish and European standards. We use the highest quality materials.

Jak zacząć własną produkcję kosmetyków
Czy opłaca się wejść na rynek kosmetyczny?

Is the production of cosmetics profitable?

Standard production of a line of cosmetics is expensive, as it requires investment in a high-tech production line. Using Acc’s offer, the entire production process is not only simpler, but also much cheaper. We source ingredients at wholesale prices, so we can offer an attractive price.

Traditional large contract cosmetics companies expect orders for large batches of product. This requires an expensive investment and a large number of end users. Our company takes on more intimate orders, so profit requires less investment.