Produkcja kontraktowa kosmetyków w firmie ACC Consulting

Are you looking for an external company to develop and produce cosmetics under your brand name? Especially for people like you we have prepared an offer of cooperation! We will help you develop your brand at every stage – from cosmetic formulation to distribution. Check out below what we do specifically!

Jakie są etapy produkcji kosmetyków?

What does a cosmetics manufacturer do?

The company, which undertakes to make a particular cosmetic specifically for the customer upon request, also selects appropriate packaging and labeling. It also offers laboratory tests to verify product quality and safety.

How to produce your own cosmetics?

Most often, it all starts with an idea. However, specialized know-how becomes a problem. When you outsource the production of your own cosmetics, these barriers disappear. When you come to us with an idea, you get full, multi-faceted support – from formulation to production!

What is the production of counterfeit cosmetics?

Contract manufacturing is a unique type of contract, ideal for smaller companies – though not exclusively. This type of service involves contracting an outside company to produce a branded cosmetic. The customer-contractor, however, gives the manufacturer the product formula he has developed. He therefore has full rights to the formula of the cosmetic that is produced. Contract manufacturing of cosmetics therefore allows entrepreneurs to solve the problem of costly expansion of technological facilities.

Do the cosmetics we produce meet all the requirements?

Yes! All cosmetics, before we start their production, are fully tested. This means that they meet both Polish and European standards, as well as the requirements that you yourself specified during the consultation! Contract manufacturing of cosmetics, therefore, makes it possible to smoothly enter the cosmetics market with all standards met.

Czym zajmują się producenci kosmetyków?
Jak wygląda produkcja kontraktowa kosmetyków?

Stages of cosmetics production

The production process of private label cosmetics is generally divided into stages. First of all, it is necessary to know the plans for the product and brand so that we can choose the ideal production method based on description, price and quantity. Then we are able to offer samples to compare different options.

Once the samples are accepted, we can proceed to the production phase. Once we have received all the components for production, we are able to manufacture your brand and begin creating the legally required documentation and reporting to the CPNP database .

Do you want to produce cosmetics?

Enter the market with new cosmetics of your own brand! Don’t incur huge costs for machinery, know-how and personnel. Our offer is just for you – fill out the form and start conquering the market!