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Wdrożenia chemii gospodarczej na rynek
Koncept produkcji chemii gospodarczej

Product concept

The household chemicals market is a mature one. Thus, the emerging trends require adjustments. At ACC, we will help you find new solutions and improve the existing ones to meet consumers’ expectations.



We will advise you on the recipes of household chemicals, support you in selecting raw materials, and suggest optimal solutions. To conquer this market, you need to provide recipients with benefits and develop effective business solutions. ACC will support you to achieve both.

Formulacje chemii gospodarczej
Formalności przy produkcji chemii gospodarczej



The critical service for these products is documentation. At ACC, we will be responsible for verifying it, providing necessary tests, and preparing MSDS cards. We will also provide your product with the UFI code. With us, you can safely move on!



We can guarantee that your product is manufactured in small quantities or coordinate a more extensive production process. Our partners will manufacture your products on attractive terms.

Produkcja chemii gospodarczej