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Wdrożenia produktów biobójczych na rynek
Koncept wdrożenia produktów biobójczych

Product concept

The biocidal product market is in constant change. However, if you have a lot of experience, the dynamic legislation is not a threat. At ACC, your ideas will be implemented as you work with specialists with broad competencies.



You will get comprehensive support in terms of raw material knowledge. We will propose adequate solutions to your demands and find the recipe that will meet the market expectations. At ACC, we assure meeting the requirements of the law, consumers, and your business.

Formulacje produktów biobójczych
Formalności przy produkcji produktów biobójczych



We verify the documentation, arrange the correct classification of the products, provide testing, and prepare a safety data sheet (MSDA). We will register the product in URPL. We will do everything to keep your business safe.



We will help you manufacture the product regardless of the order size. We have partners in each region who will ensure the production on attractive terms.

Produkcja produktów biobójczych