Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are used mainly by users conducting professional activity and they role is to make possible to undertake necessary measures needed to assure safety and protection of human health and environment.
Correctness of preparation and implementation MSDS onto a market is in responsibility of manufacturer, his representative or importer of chemical or cosmetic product. Furthermore, MSDS should be updated and filled accordingly to guidelines included in chemical substances and they mixtures act on every change in this act.

Accordingly to law requirements MSDS should be prepared and given in Polish by personnel with proper qualifications (having proper knowledge in fields of chemistry, law, toxicology etc.). MSDS is one of most important documents anticipated in chain of supply according REACH decree. Correctness and implementation of properly prepared in case of merit (classification and description of threads) as well as formal responsibility is on manufacturer, his representative or supplier of chemical product. MSDS should be also updated and filled accordingly to guidelines included in chemical substances and they mixtures act and community law.

ACC Assessment Cosmetic Consulting offers support in field of:

  • assessment of MSDS you already have in order of they constancy with current law and repair program prepared specially for your company,
  • preparation MSDSs basing on original data (formulas),
  • preparation of  MSDSs considering new rules of classification a marking according to  CLP (WE) 1272/2008,
  • commissioning and pronouncing judgement, necessary to completing or creating new MSDSs.
  • translating MSDSs from foreign languages to Polish, with verification of classifications according to current law, filling necessary information, elimination of needless informations and strict adaptation to requirements of union and domestic law.

In our company MSDSs are prepared by qualified personnel, chemical process engineer having many years of experience, our personnel has individual approach to specific customer needs. Our team had proper training, that includes reminding training.


ACC Assessment Cosmetic Consulting company take full responsability for preparing MSDSs. In case of complaints from our clients or authorities, we examine instance and sending writen informaton to client.


ACC Assessment Cosmetic Consulting company treats information from are client as confidential. We don’t hand over MSDSs to any third party.

If you have any questions to our offer, please contact us at – we will provide you with free consultation in order to make adaptation to change of CLP easier.